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Refrigerated air conversions or upgrades.  Things you should know.


Value of a custom design


A proper heat load calculation is the key to customizing your comfort solution.


There is absolutely no other way to ensure your family's comfort, health, and safety.


Energy Star**

A good contractor will not


  • Size your equipment solely on square footage
  • Assume your existing equipment was sized properly


Department of Energy***


  • It is the contractor's job to perform the correct sizing calculation for the home.


Problems Caused By Incorrect Sizing

Over sized

(shorter run time)

  • Higher installation costs
  • More breakdowns
  • Large temperature swings
  • Improper Humitidy Control


(longer run time)

  • Constantly Running
  • Higher Energy Costs
  • Shorter Life
  • Reduced Comfort

Equipment alone will not solve all the problems!


The North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation, a non-profit organization, examined air conditioning manufacturers' efficiencies versus the actual efficiencies that resulted after installation; they found the following:


90% of the units tested exhibited some sort of energy-wasting, comfort-robbing problem!

You Will Be in the Top 10%


Other significant hvac industry comfort & energy related surveys reveal*


Duct Leakage (93%)

* Poor indoor air quality

* Health and safety concerns

* Drafts and uneven temperature

* May DOUBLE hvac portion of the energy bill


Oversizing (47%)

* Doesn't run enough to wring out moisture

* Air in sunlit & shaded rooms does not mix

* Equipment typically noisier

* Shorter equipment life


Incorrect Refrigerant Charge (75%)

* Increased failure rate

* Reduced moisture removal

* Equipment typically noisier

* Uneven temperature

* Could add as much as 17% to operating costs


Incorrect Air Flow (70%)

* Uneven temperatures

* Poor moisture control

* Noisy grilles and registers

* Could add as much as 10% to operating costs


*Texas A&M University, Louisiana State University & Gulf States Utility, Lakeland Electric & Water, Pacific Gas & Electric, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, etc. These studies address at least one problem a poor installation plays on comfort or energy cost. Occurrences have been averaged.


**Energy Star, Sizing and Installation.


***U.S. Department of Energy, Sizing Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.


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